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IELTS Test Format


The IELTS exam assesses your skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking–The test duration is of less than three hours, The overall test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
The IELTS test is conducted in 2 types: Academic IELTS and General Training. The Listening and Speaking part is the same for both exams, but depending on the exam you take, the subject
matter of reading and writing varies.
The 3 sections of IELTS assessments i.e reading, writing, and listening are performed on the same day, with no gaps between them.However, up to one week before or after other assessments of these 3 sections, the Speaking section is taken, you can prefer the advice of your test center.

Why is the IELTS test format fairer?
With IELTS, you get a fair opportunity to do your best.That is why, unlike other exams, IELTS provides you a quiet room so you face no interruptions or distractions for the speaking test.IELTS also acknowledges that the approaches to addressing answers can vary among candidates.For example, you can use IELTS to answer your questions as necessary and, at any stage in the reading and writing section, you can adjust your reading and writing answers.

Four Test Section & Rules of IELTS Test Format:
● LISTENING- Test Duration: 30 minutes In this section, You will be provided four recorded sections and then you will have to write an answer related to series of the question-This includes questions checking the capacity of the speakers to understand the key points and comprehensive accurate facts as well as the thinking and aptitude.They also examine your ability to grasp the knowledge from what is said and the flow of generating ideas.During the exam, a variety of voices and native speaker’s accents is used and you will hear each section once.For academic and general training versions, the Listening exam is the same.
Section 1
Communication between two people, in a regular social context, likewise a communication with a friend or an accommodation agency.
Section 2
A monologue set in a regular social context, like a long speech about local facilities.
Section 3
Communication among four individuals, such as a regular social context with an educational or training teacher discussing an assignment.
A university monolog, like a lecture in a university.

● READING- Test Duration: 60 minutes
You will have to read given context time effectively and efficiently. The IELTS Reading Test requires you to read three passages and answer related questions. IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training exams are distinct for the Reading Section.

The IELTS Reading test is designed to measure a skill of how well you are reading-
1. Academic Reading Format-
Three lengthy, detailed, accurate, and analytical texts. Those are selected from books,magazines, newsletters, and journals. They have been chosen for a non-expert audience but are ideal for students who are looking for university courses or professional registration.

2. General Training Reading Format-
In this section of the IELTS test format, you will be given the content from books,newspapers, magazines, handbooks, notices, advertisements, company handbooks, and guidelines. Likewise, the material you interact with daily in an English-speaking

● WRITING- Test Duration: 60 minutes
The IELTS Writing test is designed to measure a skill of how well you are writing-
● Write an answer properly.
● Set up ideas
● Accurately use a range of language and grammar.

1. Academic Writing Format-
In the IELTS Academic Writing Exam, while writing answers you should follow a formal style. The test is divided into 2 tasks, In the first task, you will be provided a graph, table,or diagram, to summarise, describe or explain the details. In the second task, you will be provided the essay topic to represent your point of view, statement, or problem.

2. General Training Writing Format-
There is a general interest in the topics used by the IELTS General Training Exam. This test is divided into 2 tasks, Task 1 introduces a scenario and asks you to write a letter that asks for explaining and clarifying the situation. The letter may be written in, semi-formal, or formal manner. Task 2 you will be provided the essay topic to represent your point of view, statement, or problem. You can explain it in a personal style no need to worry about formal style.
● SPEAKING- Test Duration: 15 minutes
At the IELTS Speaking Test, you will interact with a professional interviewer who will test your speaking skill. The test will be interactive and based on a real-life scenario.Different accents can be used and the test will be recorded.For the both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training exams, the contents of the IELTS Speaking exam are the same.The IELTS Speaking exam attempts to measure a skill of your speaking.The interviewer would like to see how strong you can communicate and express on a day to day topics, the range of your explanation, Analysis, debate, and speculation of the topic.Make sure you are talking Naturally with a relaxed and fluent tone.

This IELTS assessment is taken under 3 parts-
Part 1-

In the 1st part, the examiner will introduce himself and ask you to introduce yourself.And can ask more questions related to your answer. This section is to make you comfortable speaking.
Part 2-
In this part, the interviewer will provide you a task card that will ask you to speak about a particular topic. You will be provided 1-2 minutes to think about the topic to speak on it for at least 2 minutes.

Part 3-
The interviewer will ask additional questions related to Part 2. These questions give you the chance to clear your deep point about issues and ideas.

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