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Student Essentials

Moving abroad for your education is probably the biggest shot of your life that you are going to take. There’s so much to plan and do for stepping and landing overseas for your studies.

Student essentials for studying abroad-

● Overseas Education Counselling -

Applying for overseas education is an essential decision, as choosing the right country, university, and course is the top necessity that we check while looking for studying abroad. Overseas Education council does not limit its service till selecting the right university and country for you and the aim is to pick-up the right career decision. Worldwide, there are numerous best universities. Selecting the one from the big-list which suits the utmost to your profile is a daring challenge. Here are Passage Abroad Consultants (PAC) advisors who have a critical role to play. We help you to determine the appropriate choices based on your educational profile and career priorities. After a complete analysis, They then recommend courses that suit your interests in the countries and universities. Take a free counseling session and meet the academic objectives for picking the right career path.

● Country, Program, and University Selection -

Deciding to study abroad doesn’t play a big role, picking the right one for your career is a big deal that must be chosen correctly. Here PAC assistants play a vital role while giving light over a complete set of careers such as We help you choose the right Country, Program, and University. We are connected with 700+ universities across 29 countries. Our expert team of PAC reviews your profile and gives your professional recommendations on abroad institutions and courses that streamline your selection process for university and country. We guide you about opportunities for your goals and financial plans. We also provide you advice with a better overview of the universities and their offering for you like paid internships, scholarships scheme to help you prepare completely before you leave your country. Take the right guidance from specialists in this region to fulfill your aim of studying abroad. Choose the perfect career based on your aspiration.

● Application and Admission Assistance -

Application and Admission is an important part of our selection, and their terms and policy are different for every university and course. So that’s why it is a prime role that needs to be done carefully. Your university application tells volumes about you. It represents not just your academic profile and your preferences but also your personality. Our counselors send you complete advice on how to draft SOP, LOR, resume, or CV, Essay, and other necessary documents that are required for your application to be shortlisted. Our counselor will give you complete support in filling out every required document and drafting it too. Application and Admission Assistance have an important role in making our dream of studying overseas true. Here PAC works dedicatedly with you in researching and providing everything best to you.

● Financial Aid -

The process of financial aid is highly challenging, especially in the absence of expert support. Fortunately, our financial assistance is here to help you quickly wherever you need the back. After having a complete understanding and selection of your best suit university and course. The second most important thing that must be considered by you is the financial aspect. Overseas education costs and other associated expenditures vary from country to country, from universities to colleges, or even from the course to be taken. Studying abroad is not just the cheapest but we can make it so with Financial Aid. The immediate financial pressure can be substantially diminished if you look for an educational loan, grant, or scholarship from your selected university. Financial Aid helps in paying universities or colleges for students' education. To grab this opportunity, correct guidelines needed to be taken with professionals. PAC is here to help you out, Our education advisor helps you to get the required financial support to let you live your dream.

● Visa Processing -

Visa processing is the most critical phase in international studies. Even a minor mistake can stop the process of moving further and fails all your efforts that are done. So for this, you genuinely need an expert who can help you throughout the complete steps of visa processing. Our consultants direct you step by step from filling out every document or application to getting it and submitting it and receiving it on time. We also hold mock visa interviews to give you an idea of the visa interview in practice. Our offering of full support in every phase makes us a preferred choice for you.

● Pre-Departure Briefing -

We deliver a briefing before your departure that gives you an insight into what needs to be recalled before you step to your dream destination. Our 'Pre-Departure Booklet' covers all facets of travel that need to be done, check or know about countries you are landing. We also take part from time to time in sessions to increase awareness of the process of immigration and to give you a taste of the life of students in foreign countries. You will meet our learners from many universities around the world who help you get an understanding of the lifestyle and culture of various countries and continents. Even though we guide you about your bag packing job, We suggest to you completely what you need to carry and what to not based on your selected country.

● Travel Assistance -

When we give light over traveling assistance they are not responsible for only flight tickets from your land to the international land or desired country but also travel from the airport to the place where you will be staying. Our PAC services provide you transport, accommodation, forex, and insurance. We make sure that when you hit your dream destination you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will also be benefited from our student network in various universities in other countries that can support you in times of need. All this is to make sure that even in a foreign world you feel at home. With us, you will be supported even after your settlement in your stay.

These are the few steps to look before you are about to live your dreams of studying abroad. We make your passage easiest but also this is the most restrictive process you could be undergoing before moving abroad at your study destination.

We are the Student Immigration Consultant in Chandigarh, India who supports students under every step for getting overseas education. We make your immigration easy and comfortable. If you are interested in stepping abroad for your education ping us for getting end-to-end guidance from our experts.